Graduate Courses

A current description of all required and elective courses is available through the Graduate School Catalog.

Num Name Hrs Sem Prereq’s
PS7001 Topics 1-4
PS7085 Problems 1-3 F, SP Instructor’s consent
PS7087 Seminar 1 F, SP
PS7090 Nonthesis Research 1-9 F, SP
PS7313 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition 3 SP Graduate standing, SOIL2110 or instructor’s consent
PS7315 Crop Physiology 3 SP PS2125 or equiv.
PS7320 Molecular Plant Physiology 3-5 F BIOSC1500 or BIOSC1200 with 5 hrs. of CHEM
PS7325 Field Crop Breeding 3 SP PS2110 or PS2125, PS3213 or equiv., PS3225 or equiv.
PS7355 Advanced Turfgrass Management 3 SP:odd PS3355 or instructor’s consent
PS7360 Precision Agriculture Science and Technology 3 F SOIL2100, PS2110 or instructor’s consent
PS7365 Greenhouse Crops Production 4 SP PS3260 or instructor’s consent
PS7400 Plant Anatomy 4 F BIOSC1200 or equiv.
PS7500 Biology and Pathogenesis of Plant-Associated Microbes 4 F 5 hrs. BIOSC
PS7550 Plant Biotechnology 4 SP:even BIOSC2960 or equiv. , BIOSC2200 or equiv., BIOSC 2300 or equiv., PS2125
PS7710 Systematic Entomology 5 F:odd PS3710, PS3715 or 10 hrs. BIOSC
PS7720 Aquatic Entomology 3 SP:odd PS3710, PS3715 or equiv. or instructor’s consent
PS7730 Insect Pest Management for Plant Protection 3 SP PS3710 or instructor’s consent
PS7820 Principles of Insect Physiology 4 SP:even PS3710, PS3715; PS7810 or equiv.
PS7965 Readings in Plant Stress Biology 1-9 F, SP Instructor’s consent
PS7970 Readings in Molecular Ecology of Herbivory 1 SP Instructor’s consent
PS7975 Advanced Landscape Design 4 SP PS2254; instructor’s consent
PS8001 Topics 1-4 F, SP Instructor’s consent
PS8010 Professionalism and Ethics 2 F Should enroll first semester of attendance.
PS8090 Thesis Research 1-10 F, SP
PS8330 Molecular Breeding 3 F:even
PS8362 Introduction to Plant Metabolism 2 SP:2nd 8 wks.
PS8365 Introduction to Molecular Cell Biology 2 SP
PS8410 Advanced Weed Science 3 F:odd PS3210
PS8420 Herbicide Mode of Action and Symptomology 2 F:even PS3210; instructor’s consent
PS8430 Introduction to Bioinformatics Programming 4 F instructor’s consent
PS8505 Introduction to Plant Stress Biology 2 SP
PS8530 Research with Plant Stress Agents 3 F PS7500, PS7510 or PS7315 or PS7320 or equiv.
PS8720 Insect Behavior 3 SP:even PS3710, PS3715 or 10 hrs. of BIOSC
PS9001 Topics 1-4 F:even, SP:odd Instructor’s consent
PS9087 Seminar in Plant Science 1 F, SP
PS9090 Dissertation Research 1-10 F:even, SP:odd
PS9310 Ecology of Grazing Lands Systems 3 SU:even Instructor’s consent
PS9415 Advanced Plant Physiology 1-3 SP:odd PS4315 or PS4320 or equiv.
PS9440 Applied Quantitative and Statistical Genetics 3 SP:even PS4330; STAT4510, STAT4530; ANSC9423 or equiv.
PS9540 Genetics of Plant-Microorganism Interaction 3 SP:even PS7500, PS7510; one course each in BIOCHEM & GEN
PS9810 Insect Ecology 3 F:even PS3710, PS3715; STAT1400; BIOSC3650 or instructor’s consent